Today is the first of March!  I am so bad with writing this blog.

We are now in San Antonio, Texas!

Had a great time with our friends in Tallahassee!

IMG_0685 IMG_0688

She cooked us some great dinners and breakfast and we did go out one night.  It was a cool little place.

The next day we took off for Pensacola after an hour or so of trying to coax Moxy back into the moho!

In Pensacola we stayed in Ft. Pickens National Park/Gulf Island Natural Seashore.

IMG_0743 IMG_0735 IMG_0745IMG_0747IMG_0736  IMG_0731  IMG_0748 IMG_0751

This is where it gets to be a little more like camping.  Most National and State Parks do not have sewer.  This means that if you stay longer than 3 days you have to drive out and dump your tank and come back.  We try not to stay more than 3 days when we do this.  But nature had her own plans for us here.  A big storm was coming in and they evacuated us with 2 days left. Fortunately my brother had room for us to park in his driveway!

I had to do laundry one day because there were no facilities for laundry or showers at this particular park.  I have a washer/dryer in the moho but it is only really good for very small loads and takes forever.  At lease this place was nice and clean!


We had a lot of fun with my brother and his wife.  We did the usual bars and restaurants (oysters!!!) and on the first night of our stay we took a walk around their neighborhood.  My brother bought a segway hoverboard that was really cool but I was afraid to try it.

IMG_0762 IMG_0765

Next stop New Orleans!  I was a little concerned about the drive because it’s a lot of bridges over water and marsh (bayou?) and it was supposed to be windy still.  We ended up having a beautiful drive.  Went past Mobile, Alabama which we visited on our last trip.

IMG_0772 IMG_0776 IMG_0780 IMG_0785 IMG_0791

Also drove through Mississippi.  We stopped at their welcome area and they were so nice.  Had a place to dump our tank and gave us free coffee!

IMG_0796 IMG_0797 IMG_0799

On to New Orleans…