Our next stop, Boothbay, a quaint little harbor town down the coast from Bar Harbor.  It was recommended to us by a fellow camper somewhere along the way and the campground was very nice.  We had a lot of rain but we did get out a little.

IMG_6237 IMG_6238 IMG_6239 IMG_6240 IMG_6241 IMG_6242 IMG_6243 IMG_6244 IMG_6248 IMG_6249 IMG_6250 IMG_6251 IMG_6252 IMG_6253 IMG_6254 IMG_6255 IMG_6256 IMG_6257IMG_6258 IMG_6259 IMG_6260 IMG_6261 IMG_6262 IMG_6263 IMG_6264 IMG_6265 IMG_6266 IMG_6267 IMG_6268 IMG_6269 IMG_6270 IMG_6271 IMG_6272 IMG_6273 IMG_6274 IMG_6275 IMG_6278 IMG_6279 IMG_6280 IMG_6281 IMG_6282 IMG_6283 IMG_6284

We arrived at the campground and Cleo and I did our usual thing of walking around (poop break for her) and taking a few pics while Chris checked us in.

IMG_6297 IMG_6298 IMG_6299 IMG_6300

Then we set up “home” for the week.

IMG_6301 IMG_6303 IMG_6304 IMG_6305 IMG_6306

We spent a week here. It was very quiet and peaceful. There was an Old Town with a running steam train near the park and we could hear the whistle whenever it would take off on a tour. (Of course we had to go there before we left.)

But first we took a drive into the town to check it out.  We were rewarded by a beautiful rainbow and a drone flying around.

IMG_6307 IMG_6308 IMG_6309 IMG_6310 IMG_6311 IMG_6312 IMG_6313 IMG_6314 IMG_6315 IMG_6316 IMG_6317 IMG_6318 IMG_6319 IMG_6320another lobster roll for Chris! 🙂

We had a day or so of rain so I did laundry and walked around while Chris worked.

IMG_6324 IMG_6325 IMG_6326 IMG_6327 IMG_6328 IMG_6329 IMG_6332 IMG_6334 IMG_6335 IMG_6336 IMG_6464 IMG_6465

Finally the sun came out so we took advantage of the free canoes at the RV park and went for a paddle.  It was very nice!

IMG_6470 IMG_6471 IMG_6472 IMG_6473 IMG_6474 IMG_6476 IMG_6477 IMG_6478 IMG_6480 IMG_6482 IMG_6483 IMG_6484 IMG_6485 IMG_6486 IMG_6488 IMG_6491 IMG_6492 IMG_6493 IMG_6494 IMG_6495 IMG_6496 IMG_6500 IMG_6501 IMG_6502 IMG_6503

The next day we made the mandatory trip to the Old Town and Train!  It was actually pretty cool.  They had replicas of old buildings and an automobile museum.

IMG_6514 IMG_6515 IMG_6516 IMG_6517 IMG_6518 IMG_6519 IMG_6520 IMG_6521 IMG_6522 IMG_6523 IMG_6524 IMG_6525 IMG_6526 IMG_6527 IMG_6528 IMG_6529 IMG_6530 IMG_6531 IMG_6532 IMG_6533 IMG_6534 IMG_6535 IMG_6536 IMG_6537 IMG_6538 IMG_6539IMG_6541IMG_6542IMG_6543IMG_6544IMG_6545IMG_6546IMG_6547IMG_6548IMG_6549IMG_6550IMG_6551IMG_6552IMG_6553IMG_6554IMG_6555IMG_6556IMG_6557IMG_6558IMG_6559IMG_6560

Later that day (our last full day here) we drove back into the town and walked the foot bridge that goes from one side of the harbor to the other.  Then we stopped at the local brewery for a bite and a brew!

IMG_6561 IMG_6562 IMG_6563 IMG_6564 IMG_6566 IMG_6567 IMG_6569 IMG_6570 IMG_6571 IMG_6572 IMG_6573

Next day it was off to our last stop in Maine, Popham Beach.