This year’s exit plan was modified when our current Park closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Thanks to great friends who have agreed to let us squat on their property for extended stays.

Our maiden voyage to Coco started with a bang, literally! A tire blew on I-95 in Jupiter. It was a Sunday and everyone was closed. Fortunately we were able to spend the night in a Love’s parking lot. We walked next door to a Indian River fruit store, closed of course but got some great pics!

I found a truck tire shop right around the corner. We got there super-early and we we second in line. In and out in under an hour. Next stop Coco!

Arrived to our friend’s Chuck and Susan Santek early Monday. Did I mention they have a pool. Oh yeah baby!

While here I took care of a couple electrical issues. All part of the RV lifestyle.

It was a great week. Next stop Gainesville to see our daughter Nicole!