We discovered that there is a winery and a brewery in just about every town. After a couple days hanging out at the VERY COLD pool while Chris worked, we took a ride to the Bar Harbor Winery.

IMG_5914 IMG_5924 IMG_5929IMG_5930

The winery was nice. We must have been there on a vintage car day.  There were two really nice ones in the parking lot.  We got to taste about 10 different wines.  We left with a bottle of Blueberry and a bottle of Apple/Raspberry.  We still have the Blueberry to open when we get back to Ft. Lauderdale.

IMG_5916 IMG_5917 IMG_5918 IMG_5923  IMG_5931 IMG_5932 IMG_5934IMG_5933  IMG_5935 IMG_5936 IMG_5937 IMG_5938

After the winery we went to a lighthouse on the other side of the island in Bass Harbor.  Good thing I had on my sneakers, it was a bit of a climb if you chose.  Of course we did!  What an excellent rock climb!

IMG_5939 IMG_5940 IMG_5941 IMG_5942 IMG_5943 IMG_5944 IMG_5945 IMG_5949 IMG_5950 IMG_5951 IMG_5952 IMG_5953 IMG_5955 IMG_5956 IMG_5957 IMG_5958 IMG_5959 IMG_5960 IMG_5961 IMG_5962 IMG_5964 IMG_5965 IMG_5966 IMG_5967 IMG_5968 IMG_5969IMG_5971IMG_5973IMG_5974IMG_5977IMG_5976

There were these firewood stands everywhere.. and the honor system was used.


The next day we had a group of young kids from Brooklyn come in across the street from us.  It was a blast to watch them trying to set up their tents.  Later they were trying to start a fire with gasoline (omg) and almost blew up their stuff.  That and their music started to piss off their neighbors.  We helped them get a fire going and partied with them for a short time.  Later they worked their way into the hearts of their neighbors and were dancing with them in the street and having a good ole time!  When they left they gave all their fire equipment to us, their BBQ grill to their neighbors and some other stuff.  They were really a nice group of kids.

IMG_5995 IMG_5996 IMG_5997

And this is the “Honey-Do Wagon”.  All of their spots did not have full hook-up (i.e. sewers…) so they would come once a day, every other day or once a week.  We got every day.  It was a noisy thing but way better than having to really conserve water.  One day we both took showers and I was doing a few dishes and it started to back up with gray water into the bathtub.  ugh!


Next was our little trip to the Atlantic Brewing Company.  It was a nice tour but after Samuel Adams, well, what can I say?  We did get to taste a lot of beer though.  Then we went out to their little snack shack and had a bite while we listened to some music.  Nice afternoon.

IMG_6001 IMG_6002 IMG_6003 IMG_6004 IMG_6005 IMG_6006

Our next big adventure was to drive up to Cadillac Mountain for the first sunrise on the East Coast.  We left at about 4am so that it would still be dark when we got there.  We were not alone!  We brought our chairs, coffee and blankets as was suggested in one of the information pages I read.  It was all worth it!  It was a beautiful sunrise and then we got to walk around the summit path and climb on the rocks!  Wonderful!  If you ever go to Maine, this is a must in my humble opinion.

IMG_6010 IMG_6011 IMG_6013 IMG_6015 IMG_6016 IMG_6018 IMG_6019 IMG_6020 IMG_6021 IMG_6022 IMG_6023 IMG_6025 IMG_6026 IMG_6027 IMG_6028 IMG_6029 IMG_6031 IMG_6032 IMG_6033 IMG_6034 IMG_6035IMG_6036 IMG_6037 IMG_6038 IMG_6039 IMG_6040 IMG_6041 IMG_6042 IMG_6043 IMG_6044 IMG_6045 IMG_6046 IMG_6047 IMG_6048 IMG_6049 IMG_6050 IMG_6051 IMG_6052 IMG_6053 IMG_6054 IMG_6055 IMG_6056 IMG_6057 IMG_6058 IMG_6059 IMG_6060 IMG_6061 IMG_6062 IMG_6063 IMG_6064IMG_6065

The rocks had beautiful colors in them.  Different colored moss?  Very pretty.

IMG_6066 IMG_6067 IMG_6068 IMG_6069 IMG_6070

We caught this unicycler as we were walking to our car.


…and the beautiful drive home.

IMG_6073 IMG_6074 IMG_6075 IMG_6076 IMG_6077 IMG_6078 IMG_6079 IMG_6080 IMG_6081 IMG_6082 IMG_6083

When we got back I got a little pool on.  Love a nice pool! IMG_6086

We ended the day with a beautiful sunset over the beach at the end of the road by the campground.  What a day!

IMG_6088 IMG_6090 IMG_6091 IMG_6092 IMG_6093 IMG_6094 IMG_6095 IMG_6096 IMG_6097 IMG_6098 IMG_6100 IMG_6102 IMG_6103 IMG_6104 IMG_6105 IMG_6106 IMG_6107 IMG_6087

Okay, that’s it for now.  Part 3 to follow shortly. 🙂