The Agros with Ski and Pat Fulkoski

Life can be so unpredictable. We were living the American Dream. Like so many others, we owned a beautiful house in the suburbs, both worked full-time and (in our case) watched our twins making their way through college. Then, it what seemed like overnight, everything changed. We found ourselves dealing with long-term unemployment, reduced business revenue and mounting debt.

I used to look forward to my in-laws Pat and Ski visiting us each year around May in their motorhome on route from Maryland. They would park in our driveway and tap into our electric to spend a few days before continuing to their destination in Key West. Off to enjoy a month or more of RV living in the Conch Republic reconnecting with friends. How Mary and I daydreamed that someday that would be us. We could not have known how quickly that day would come.


Time changes everything

Last year Ski passed away. The motorhome had not been used for a year prior due to his illness. Around that time Mary and I were facing the reality of selling the house. We had always hoped that one day we would inherit the motorhome and hit the road to live the ‘other’ American Dream. Thanks to Pat, that day became a reality.


New Beginnings

We took the plunge on February 15, 2014. One thing we had going for us was my business. As a Graphic Designer I knew I could work from almost anywhere as long as I had a decent Internet connection and a mobile phone signal, and I am happy to report so far so good. Mary is working again full-time so we are staying close to ‘home’… for now.

What’s behind the name

We have had many conversations with Pat since Ski left us, she is the best mother-in-law a guy could ask for. She told us how Ski wanted to live his final days traveling in the RV. Mary and I look forward to the adventures ahead as full-time RVers traveling in our new home, lovingly named Living Ski’s Dream.

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