We left Creekside on July 3rd. It was a great experience and I hope I get to do it again soon… Here are a few last shots from there.  Next stop – Maryland!!!

This guy had a cool set up.  Double slide out garage for motorcycles!

IMG_3886 IMG_3889 IMG_3890 IMG_3891 IMG_3892 IMG_3893 IMG_3894 IMG_3895

These are a couple shots from my last day.  Wayne was the “duck wisperer” and I weeded and watered these beautiful flowers that William planted just a couple days after we arrived!

IMG_3997 IMG_3999 IMG_4009 IMG_4010

This was a gift from a camper to the campground.  I looked at it every day (when I worked).  Very cool!


We had a full moon on our last night…


…and then we are off.  It was good, now I’m ready to see family and eat some crabs!!!

IMG_4018 IMG_4019 IMG_4020 IMG_4021 IMG_4022 IMG_4025 IMG_4026 IMG_4029

The RV went right back into her old spot just like she remembered it, lol.


Horses at my mom’s neighbors and my brother Jim’s dog Einstein.

IMG_4075 IMG_4074   IMG_4047IMG_4045IMG_4046

On July 4th we got crab meat and made my brother Peter’s recipe for crab balls.  Yum!  My nephew was the chef!  Great job James!


After that we went to see fireworks next to the Harbor Hospital.  We had a great time but unfortunately there was a lot of humidity in the air so the smoke from the first fireworks hid most of the rest of them.

IMG_7829 IMG_7830 IMG_7831 IMG_7832 IMG_7833 IMG_7834

An interesting site on Ritchie Highway – it’s a nursery!  I love it!

IMG_4043 IMG_4042

We had our crabs!IMG_7280 IMG_7282Yum!

While we were there we took the RV in for some maintenance work and we had to take Sassy and Cleo out and spend the night in my mom’s house.  Sassy did not tolerate it at all.  I think she got confused in the night and trying to jump up on my mom’s guest bed she slipped and fell behind the bed.  She started to seize.  She was never the same.  The next afternoon we took her to a vet to have her put to sleep.  She was barely breathing and limp.  I knew she was getting old (she was about 14-15 years old) but I am really going to miss her.  She was a great traveling kitty and very loyal.  I loved to lay in bed and pet her… She called out to me as soon as I would walk into the RV…

IMG_4089 IMG_1848 IMG_1850 IMG_3728 IMG_3741 IMG_4140 IMG_4142 IMG_4145 IMG_4146 IMG_3133 IMG_4101

That night we had dinner with my sister and her husband which was very good and a great distraction.  Unfortunately I didn’t get any pics – my mind wasn’t all there.

We left the next day for Philadelphia…