Driving to the grocery store was always a beautiful experience!  Here are a couple shots I got doing that.  One time I even pulled over…

IMG_3604 IMG_3621 IMG_3622 IMG_3623

Our next big thing was our hike! After driving on Skyline Drive on our anniversary we had to go back and take one of the hiking trails to a waterfall.  We had to buy hiking boots and everything.  We ended up only finding a pair for Chris and I wore an old pair of boots I had.  We enjoyed ourselved soooo much!  It’s a new thing for us now!

IMG_3652 IMG_3654 IMG_3655 IMG_3657 IMG_3659 IMG_3660 IMG_3661 IMG_3662 IMG_3664 IMG_3671 IMG_3672IMG_3673 IMG_3674IMG_3688 IMG_3687 IMG_3686 IMG_3685

On the drive home we went over one fork of the Shenandoah River.  There were people swimming and I wanted so bad to jump in with them!

IMG_3677 IMG_3679

The Saturday before we left we had dinner with my co-host and her husband.


And we took one more walk around Edinburg.  I got a good shot of the RV from town.  It’s a lovely little town but I am ready to move on.

Next, Maryland and my mom!