I have lived in Florida for over 30 years and I never knew there were caverns here! What a treat!
We were excited to see this nature treat right in our back yard so we had to get up early and get over to the ticket office. The only way to see them is on a tour that sells out VERY quickly! I read all kinds of horror stories of people that drove there and couldn’t get in…
…but we made it in and boy was it worth it! I will try not to put up too many pictures, haha.

CIMG2203 CIMG2204 CIMG2205 CIMG2206 CIMG2207

We saw bats!!! But fortunately they were sleeping!

CIMG2209 CIMG2210 CIMG2211 CIMG2235

Ok, enough bats, lol!

CIMG2213 CIMG2215 CIMG2216 CIMG2218 CIMG2221 CIMG2223

These next two pictures are of a room they call the “Wedding Room”.  Wonder why??

CIMG2217 CIMG2219

Like I said, I tried to cut down on the pictures but it was really hard.  They are all soooo cool!

CIMG2224 CIMG2225 CIMG2227 CIMG2228 CIMG2231 CIMG2232 CIMG2233 CIMG2236 CIMG2237CIMG2238CIMG2239CIMG2240CIMG2241CIMG2242CIMG2243CIMG2244CIMG2245CIMG2246CIMG2247CIMG2249CIMG2250

The next couple shots are of some interest.  One shows how they put plates in the ceiling to reflect light into the caves.  The other is a cut of stalagmite that they would tie a rope around and tie to them so they could find their way back when they went deep into the caves to carve them out.


The caves went on for a very long time and it was so interesting and beautiful!

CIMG2253 CIMG2254 CIMG2255 CIMG2256 CIMG2257 CIMG2258 CIMG2259 CIMG2260CIMG2261 CIMG2263 CIMG2265 CIMG2266 CIMG2267

One of my favorite formations…CIMG2268

…and the “Christmas Room”!CIMG2272

CIMG2274 CIMG2275 CIMG2276 CIMG2278 CIMG2279 CIMG2280 CIMG2282 CIMG2283 CIMG2284

We then exited into the beautiful forest above and took a round about trail back to the Visitors Center.  Really enjoyed that too!

CIMG2285 CIMG2286 CIMG2287 CIMG2288 CIMG2289 CIMG2290 CIMG2291 CIMG2292 CIMG2293IMG_2053 IMG_2054 IMG_2041IMG_2040

So that was our walk through the Florida Caverns!  Thanks to Chris for planning our course and including this gem!

There is also an old fashioned swimming hole in the park.  We took a walk over to it one day.  I don’t think I could swim in there but kids had no problem when the weather warmed up a bit the last day.

IMG_2029IMG_2034IMG_2033IMG_2031   IMG_2032 IMG_2035

This is our spot in the park…IMG_2036 IMG_2037

We were only there a few days and were so busy we never even set up our porch area…

We went into dinner in Marianna one night and I must add here that Jackson County, Florida is a semi-dry county and there are not many restaurants that serve even beer and wine.  We did find one and ended up having a very nice dinner.  Madison’s Warehouse if you ever go there!

Well, that’s it for Florida Caverns!  Really enjoyed it!!  Next stop, Cedar Key!